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Solution Business

Solution Business

We ended auction operation by March 31th, 2017.

Solution Business

An ASP solution package which includes various useful functions for both auto-lease and auto-finance companies.

【Main function】
  • Catalog output by vehicle DB ™
  • Residual value calculation with RV Doctor ™
  • Present value calculation with PV Doctor ™
  • Truck residual value calculation with Truck RV Doctor ™
  • Auto lease proposal creation system etc.
CA Doctor

CA Doctor

Sales support system for new car dealers, developed by fusing our solutions.

【Main function】
  • Output of catalog comparison list by vehicle DB ™
  • Comparison of future trade-in value of car
  • Calculation of car holding cost including fuel consumption
  • Simulation of residual value setting type loan
CAV Monitor

CAV Monitor

It is a solution that provides lump calculation of large quantity of CAV (= Car Asset Value).
By comparing the residual value set up in the past with the current vehicle value, CAV Monitor realizes the visualization of risk.

Residual value setting type loan support solution

Provide loan simulation systems and consulting services to maker-affiliated
finance company and credit sales company.

Various customization system for headquarters and franchisees

Vehicle asset evaluation service, monitoring service
Creation of various proposal contents
Online purchase price site

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