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Privacy Policy

System Location Co., Ltd. handles privacy information in various forms while providing business support to automobile finance companies and distribution businesses. Privacy information acquired from customers through business activities and privacy information of our employees (hereinafter referred to as "privacy information") are very important information assets for us and we recognize that it is an important social responsibility to ensure that privacy information is protected.
Therefore, in order to handle privacy information accurately and sincerely, we comply with the law concerning the protection of privacy information, the guidelines prescribed by the government, and other regulations. We always keep in mind the following matters and will do our best to protect customer's privacy information.

Policy for protection of privacy information

  • All System Location employees recognize the importance of protecting privacy information, and will acquire, use and provide this by lawful and fair method within the scope of fulfilling the business purpose of our company. Also, we will not use privacy information beyond the original purpose when we collected it. If we need to use it for other purposes, we will acquire agreement again for the new purposes.
  • We will comply with laws on privacy information, guidelines specified by the government and other regulations (hereinafter referred to as "laws and regulations, etc."), and privacy information protection management system. We will also handle privacy information honestly. In addition, we will make effort to grasp the laws and regulations, to notify our employees and business partners and make them comply it.
  • We will take reasonable safety and preventive measures on both technical and organizational aspects against the risk of privacy information leakage, loss or damage. Besides, we conduct periodic inspections, and once any violations, incidents and accidents discovered, we promptly correct it and also take preventive measures against the weak points. Furthermore, we educate our employees and business partners thoroughly.
  • We will respond appropriately and promptly as soon as we receive complaints and consultations concerning the handling of our privacy information and its protection management system. In addition, we will establish and check the systems and procedures in order to maintain a system that can always respond appropriately.
  • In order to properly use and thoroughly protect privacy information, we will monitor and audit the compliance status of internal regulations, endeavor to discover violations, incidents, accidents and weaknesses, and perform review by management. We will continuously review and improve our privacy information protection management system by reflecting this in the management measures and internal regulations. For improvement, we comply with laws and JISQ15001.

Initial date: Nov 1, 2013
Latest revised date: Nov 1, 2013
System Location Co., Ltd.
CEO Takehiko Chimura

【Inquiries concerning handling of privacy information】

TEL: +81-3-6452-2864 (weekdays from 9: 00 to 17: 30)
Privacy protection counter : General Manager, Department of General Affairs

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