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1992 Jul Established in Kakigara-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (inside Mimatsu Shoji Co., Ltd.) as a business support company for auto finance companies.
Started an auction management business as a business support of vehicle resale
1993 May Started auction focused on the cars at the end of lease term in Atsugi-city, Kanagawa
1994 Apr Transferred an auction yard to Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa and opened Lease-up Sagami
Nov Systematized an auction management operation
1995 May Opened Lease-up Sapporo in Sapporo-city, Hokkaido
Oct Opened Lease-up Kobe in Kobe-city, Hyogo
Dec Developed auction management support system “SHIROKUMA”
1996 Apr Opened Kuruma Ichiba Chiba in Yotsukai-do, Chiba
May Started to sale an auction system “SHIROKUMA”
1997 Apr Opened Lease-up Kyusyu in Tosu-city, Saga.
Aug Transferred Lease-up Kobe to Sakai-city, Osaka and renamed it Lease-up Osaka
Nov Opened Kuruma Ichiba Osaka in Sakai-city, Osaka
1998 Apr Sold Office outsourcing division
1999 Mar Established Space・Move Co., Ltd. as a joint enterprise with Sumisyo Auto lease Co., Ltd.(Present Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Co., Ltd.)
Apr Lease-up Osaka and Kuruma Ichiba Osaka started joint auctions
Sep Started to sale「SHIROKUMA data supply」, a vehicle resale price database
Dec Transferred HQ to Goban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
2000 Jun Developed Residual value evaluation system RV Doctor™
Aug Established J-Trans Co., Ltd. (J Core Co., Ltd.)
Sep Increased capital to 33,275,000 yen
2001 Mar Developed “Vehicle Database”, a vehicle catalog database contained various vehicle information
2002 May Established Ubiquitous Fine Tech Co., Ltd. as a joint enterprise with Hitachi Capital Co., Ltd.(TSE1)
Jun Developed the internet auction system 「SHIROKUMA auction supporting system 」「SHIROKUMA Exhibit supporting system」
Opened Lease-up Nagoya in Tokai-city, Aichi
2003 Jan Developed and started to operate digital condition check system with PDA 「SHIROKUMA assessment handy」
May Opened the exclusive web bidding car-pool, Minidepo Sendai, in Sendai-city, Miyagi
2004 Feb Opened the exclusive web bidding car-pool ,Minidepo Toyama, in Toyama-city, Toyama
Apr Developed the residual value setting support system 「RV Doctor™Ⅱ」
Jun Developed the auction system in English version
Jul Transferred Lease-up Sagami to Chigasaki, Kanagawa and renamed it Lease-up Tokyo
Opened the exclusive web bidding car-pool, Minidepo Hiroshima, in Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima
Sep Developed and released the restore cost claim support system「AFAMA」
Dec Developed and released the purchase price evaluation system 「PV Doctor™」
Received OEM order from Mitsui Sumitomo Gin auto-lease Co., Ltd. for its original brand auction 「RAN」
2005 Feb Transferred Kuruma Ichiba Osaka to Kobe-city, Hyogo and renamed it Kuruma Ichiba Kobe
Apr Merged J Core Co., Ltd. with Ubiquitous・Fine-tech Co., Ltd. Continued as J Core Co., Ltd.(100% subsidiary Co., Ltd.)
Sep Started the system「Okuruma-lease」,「Okuruma-online assessment」managed by SBI lease Co., Ltd.
Nov Received OEM order from Nihon car solutions Co., Ltd. for its original brand auction「NCS auction」
2006 Feb Stared the system「Okuruma-lease for business」managed by SBI lease Co., Ltd.
Apr Developed 「APLUS Car-navi. com」with APLUS Co., Ltd. and released it
Listed to Tokyo Stock Exchange, JASDAQ
Jul Developed the enterprise system for Orico stock finance(Orient corporation Co., Ltd.)
Oct Received OEM order from Showa auto rental-lease Co., Ltd. for its「SARL auction」
Dec Released 「SYSROCKET」, a sales support system for auto lease companies
2007 Feb Transferred Kuruma Ichiba Chiba to Shirai-city, Chiba
Apr Sold the holding stock of Space・Move Co., Ltd. to Cars it Co., Ltd.(Subsidiary company of Sumisyo auto lease Co., Ltd.(Present Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Co., Ltd.))
  Transferred Lease-up Sapporo to Kita-ku, Supporo-city, Hokkaido
Jun Transferred Lease-up Kyusyu to Hisayama-cho, Kasuya-gun,Fukuoka
Jul Developed「Residual value system」with Toyota finance Co., Ltd.
Sep Opened the exclusive web bidding car-pool, Minidepo Okinawa, in Kitanakagusu village, Okinawa
2008 Jan Started the system「New Backup Loan Next」of Orient corporation Co., Ltd.
Established SLK Solutions Inc. in Seoul, Korea
Apr Developed and released 「CA Doctor™」,a sales supporting system for new car dealerships
May Connected the auction system with「JAAWeb」from JAA Co., Ltd.
Jun Opened the web-site「Reuse Town」for leased up properties’ transaction
Sep Awarded 「The 3rd High・service Nippon best 300」managed by SPRING
Oct Transferred Lease-up Nagoya to Yatomi-city, Aichi
2009 Mar Closed Minidepo Toyama
Jul Integrated Lease-up Tokyo with Kuruma Ichiba Chiba
Started it as new Lease-up Tokyo (Sirai-city, Chiba)
Aug Invested to Every’s Co., Ltd.
2010 Feb Released the asset evaluation system for trucks 「Truck RV Doctor™」.
Sep Moved headquarters to Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
2011 Apr Add proposal creating function to 「CA Doctor™」
Nov Released 「CAV Monitor™」, a service to evaluate lease-up vehicles value collectively for auto lease companies
2012 Dec Transferred Lease-up Tokyo to Yotsukaido, Chiba
2013 Jun Established QianChe Technology Service Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary company, in Beijing
2014 Apr Certified Privacy mark
Jul Developed Residual value evaluation system 「RV Doctor™Ⅲ」
2017 Mar Closed auction yards(Chiba, Nagoya, Kobe, Kyusyu)and Minidepo(Sapporo, Hiroshima, Okinawa)
Withdraw from car auction (bidding) business

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